Volvo Construction Equipment
Global product launch

Volvo colleagues, dealers and buyers travelled from all over the world to the global launch of Volvo Construction Equipment’s new flagship hauler. Competing with worldwide industry events, we needed to make this one memorable.

The new hauler had no unexpected features… because Volvo had been listening to people and developing products based on their experience. The R100E is loaded with the customers’ experience as much as Volvo’s expertise.


Gold Winner

Best Brand Experience 2019


The event theme snowballed to encompass Volvo CE’s key product range in a new marketing video viewed on Facebook over 177,000 times.


The first R100E sold on the day of the event

We worked with Volvo to develop the launch theme – ‘Made by you. Built by Volvo.’ and all event creative – including the unveil of the new hauler which involved making a hundred tonne machine disappear. The launch was the perfect opportunity to showcase the expertise and enthusiasm of the Volvo team – they led an immersive factory tour filled with 2D, 3D and interactive displays, photo opps and videos.

Artboard 2Volvo.jpg
Artboard 7Volvo.png
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“A major success. Even months on, our company, dealers and customers are still talking about the event. Together we created a unique experience – one our customers and colleagues will never forget.”

Jacqueline Reid, Interim Director of External Communications, Volvo Construction Equipment

Artboard 4Volvo.png

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