Making Connections
Co-design with disabled people

Many journeys rely on people changing from one transport service to another. Navigating these connections – and the spaces between services – can be difficult, especially for disabled people.

Making Connections: the spaces in between created opportunities for transport operators, designers, people with dementia, disabled and Deaf people to work together to explore a process for improving connections between train stations and ferry terminals in Scotland. To make travel easier for everyone.

As a project team we had spent time considering the many challenges that participants had described during the walkthroughs … difficult environments, lack of information, noisy spaces, anxious road-crossings … and distilled them into themes and design challenges that we could tackle together.

It took a lot of discussion. Eventually, five key challenges emerged…

  • How can we help put decision makers in the shoes of disabled people?

  • How can we give people more useful information before their journey?

  • How can we make travel connections more visible, safer and easier to follow?

  • How can we make help points more helpful for disabled people?

  • If you could start again and design a transport network that works better for everyone, what would the connections look like?

The film below is one of three delivery outcomes, the other two being a Playbook and report about the process of the project. Making the content of the project understandable and accessible to all was an important objective, therefore, sensory and visual deliverables were most appropriate.


Making Connections followed a co-design process:

1. Research and
Planning Workshops

2. Connection Activity -

3. Collaborative Design

Bringing people together on journeys, recording experiences along the way.

Reflecting on the stories and challenges from that shared experience.

Designing together to develop responses to the challenges.

Making Connections was led by Andy Hyde of Go Upstream, and funded by Transport Scotland.

Disabled passengers were involved throughout the entire process of the project, contributing insights and lived experience.

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