Seamab School
Brand development and rollout

Seamab is a residential primary school offering a safe and nurturing environment for children with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

To raise their profile and connect with donors and the local community, we created a brand and marketing campaign.

Meet the Sea Changers: Joy, Safe, Hope, Hug, Free, Brave and Calm – and the unwelcome visitors: Sad, Scared and Angry. The Sea Changers characterise what the children had been missing, what Seamab offers them and how Seamab hopes to enable every child to reach their full potential. Seamab is where Hope lives, where Free lives, where Joy lives, and as the children and staff proudly say, where we live.


Yearly fundraising income is now 3x what it was before the rebrand


Pro-bono support secured worth circa £50k from a team of architects and engineers to redevelop the school

Scottish Fundraising Awards
Best Partner Relationship Winner

D&AD Awards
Writing for Brands Winner

Institute of Internal Communications
Most Innovative Communication Winner


Artboard 6 copySeamab.jpg

Hope is never lost at Seamab

She’s lived here for a long time and she knows the place like the back of her hand. She picks the kids up when they fall and she’s always showing them how good tomorrow could be. When the world seems really dark, Hope gives the kids a loan of her torch.

Artboard 6 copy 2Seamab.jpg

Sad sometimes visits Seamab.

Sometimes the new children carry him in on their backs. Sometimes he sneaks in when nobody’s looking. We don’t ignore Sad, but we do help the kids to say goodbye to him. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye.

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